Guarantor before the customs bodies

For the carriage of goods under customs procedure, Customs transit through the customs territory of the Customs Union TC TC establishes the need to ensure that the Customs authorities of the customs duties and taxes. One way such security under paragraph 1 of article 86 TC TC, is guarantor.


It may be noted that the carrier's service is really easy to implement and rational in terms of financial savings, has a number of advantages in comparison with other ways of ensuring, among which it is worth to highlight the following:

-possibility to order certificates for only 24 hours before the arrival of the vehicle at the place of importation;

-provision for registration in customs in advance prepared package of documents (certificates, EPI, DTT);

-cost of consignment certificates below the acquisition cost and the TIR Carnet;

-ability to provide certificates for an amount in excess of the provision on the TIR Carnet;

-the absence of Customs escorts (escort) vehicles transporting goods;

-does not require membership in aih carrier;

-reduce the time for customs clearance.

In each case, the LLC «TranzitServisPljus» uses individual approach to the client and offers optimal variants of cooperation. Providing its guarantor before the customs bodies of the Republic of Belarus, the Company undertakes an obligation jointly and severally with the carrier liability is mandatory in cases of improper performance of obligations on payment of customs duties and taxes arising in accordance with TC TF and customs legislation of the Republic of Belarus, and penalties for late payment. This is our risk. We are perfectly aware, that's why we build our work with customers on the basis of vzaimootvetstvennogo and mutually beneficial long-term cooperation, which laid the Foundation of honest and trusting partnership. We value the reputation of our partners and we are not indifferent to how the image of LLC "TranzitServisPljus" is perceived by the business community and public authorities of the Republic of Belarus.

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