Preliminary electronic Declaration of information on goods for personal use

Электронное предварительное декларирование

At the moment, special e-portal of the State customs Committee of the Republic of Belarus provides a service, such as providing information about potentially roaming within the customs border of the EAEU of the Republic of Belarus the goods and the vehicles in personal use of individuals.

The feature of this portal is that any owner of the goods can fill the passenger customs Declaration of goods and vehicles, which are planned to moving through customs. This can be done online.

Each Declaration must contain the following information: a special bar code and unique identification number of transportation (winp), which, as well as the completed customs Declaration, the physical person must provide to customs when moving goods across the border of the EAEU, the Republic of Belarus.

These changes are associated with advanced performance in the Belarusian customs authorities of the EPI are designed to facilitate the movement of goods and vehicles by saving time when conducting customs operations at the border.