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Currently, one of the main priorities of the business sphere is a fast and efficient solution of arising issues in the field of registration and registration of necessary documents. Last but not least this applies to the message structures in the framework of international transport.

The company "GrodnoGruzExpress" since 2012 provides services in the sphere of electronic preliminary information (EPI) customs authorities of the customs Union. Thanks to good cooperation with partners, the firm will also help You, as a legal or natural person, to arrange the load without wasting time and money.

Our client base is not confined to Belarus, we work with representatives of Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Germany. Successful work and the quality of services provided allows us to enjoy a well-deserved reputation for over four years.

Why choose us?

First and foremost, we orientirueshsya on an individual approach to each client and the specifics of its goods. We value our customers and therefore are available online in any available to You source, be it email, Skype or mobile phone.

Experienced staff of our company, familiar with the latest novelties in legislation, will help to carry out the procedure of customs clearance in the shortest possible time. Legal and economic skills of our employees eliminates the need for You to employing professionals on a permanent basis.

Last but not least it is worth noting that our clients are insured against all possible risksbecause of highly qualified customs agent in the Republic of Belarus will help in registration of necessary customs documents, which guarantees freedom from errors in secondary customs control. Ultimately, this will save You from customs shortfalls and other problems.

What do we do?

Customs services provided by the company "Grodnograzhdanproekt" include the following positions:


It should be noted that our work involves a comprehensive approach, i.e. the support of the procedure, since the conclusion of the contract with the supplier/recipient of the goods to complete customs clearance of the goods.

The advantages of working with us.

For additional comfort of the transaction we offer a convenient procedure of calculations in a cashless form in accordance with acts of performed works, as well as the reliability and confidentiality of information. Guarantee the quality of services is guaranteed by high professionalism of the staff.

For our regular customers we have developed an individual approach to payment, flexible system of discounts and a number of bonuses.

We hope for long-term and effective cooperation with our customers, taking into account the most urgent and complex issues are resolved promptly and in a critical time.

Turning to our consultants, You can ask questions and get professional help.


Positive innovations: EEC simplified the order of filling of the Declaration of goods for exporters

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Change of transit procedures for authorized economic operators of 2017 year

The introduction of the simplified order of completion of the customs procedure of customs transit associated with goods that are in closed spaces, on open sites and other territories of authorized economic operator (AEO) will enter into force in 2017...

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Электронное предварительное декларирование

Preliminary electronic Declaration of information on goods for personal use

At the moment, special e-portal of the State customs Committee of the Republic of Belarus provides a service, such as providing information about potentially roaming within the customs border of the EAEU of the Republic of Belarus the goods and...

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предварительное информирование

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Specifics of payment of customs procedures

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